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The Founders @ BTC Returns Brings you RT


RT is the new Token system that we have developed and it's value is connected to the South African Rand (ZAR)
  • 1 RT (Return Token) is = to R1
  • There is a automatic 20 RT Token Transaction Fee For Every Deposit, Withdrawal, Compound & Transfer of RT.
  • The maturing time for the RT Launch is 24hrs and will increase every day by 24hrs until 72hrs has been reached.
  • You are allowed to make 1 donation every 24hrs.
  • Unlimited donations up to the value of 10 000 RT per donation.
  • You can sell your RT Profit Tokens at any given time on the RT Exchange.
  • PH Balance can never be withdrawn except if you wish to close your account permanently.
  • Should you wish to close your account then your full PH Balance will be deposited in your connected account/s within 30 days.
  • Please note: Due to BTC Returns being a community project that once your account is closed you will not be allowed to participate in BTC Returns again.
  • Profit Balance can be Sold on Exchange or Compounded to PH Wallet to Make PH or Transfer to any user in community.
  • Main ZAR Queue will be boosted with 5RT per transaction on a weekly basis.


  • When you buy RT Tokens on the Exchange your newest GH will move to the Jump Queue.
  • When your Direct referral buys RT Tokens your newest GH will move to the Jump Queue.


  • FOR Security Every RT Token Holder is 100% guaranteed to receive their PH Balance in their Dashboard.
  • In the highly unlikely event that the PH / GH queue comes to a standstill for more than 30 working days, BTC Returns will pay everyone their current PH Balance back into your connected bank account within 30 days.


The costs for RT will be used to cover bank transfer fees and running costs of BTC Returns like advertising, support software & salaries of BTC Returns Admin
  • 5 RT Per Transaction will be used to boost The Reserve Target.
  • 15 RT Per Transaction will be used as Admin Fees.


  • Do not open A Buy RT Order if you don't have money or BTC readily available!!!
  • All BTC Buy RT Orders are automatically confirmed on the Blockchain.
  • Please Confirm your ZAR Buy RT Orders As Soon As You Received The Money In Your Account.
  • All ZAR Buy Orders are Automatically confirmed after 24hrs if not flagged as Fake & 100 RT Token Penalty will be deducted for automatic confirmation.


  • Your PH will be matched after maturity of 72 hours.
  • Your 72 hours start counting from the moment you create A PH.
  • You can Immediately Press Receive Help (GH) after your PH has been matched Completely.


BTC Returns is based on trust and actions of dishonor must be dealt with immediately to avoid corrosion of the system, we will ruthlessly deal with cases of fake proof of payment attachments by enforcing the following penalties.
  • Once found guilty of uploading a fake POP, you will be blocked for 7 days your PH's & GH's will be paused and any existing matches will be deleted.
  • All pending referral bonuses in your account will be cancelled.
  • If you default for the THIRD time, your account will be blocked and permanently from the system (no reactivation).
  • GH Allocations are allocated according to incoming PH donations (No one can Receive Help If No One In The Community is Providing Help).
  • All RT Sell Orders are allocated according to incoming Buy RT Orders.